Welcome to the homepage for the Other London book series, by author Erynn Q!

What is Other London?

Other London is a Middle Grade modern fantasy book series. It’s about the adventures of a teenage girl named Ella Masterson, who becomes a wizard’s apprentice in the boring (?) city of London, Ontario, Canada. She lives in a version of Earth where magic and interdimensional travel have been commonplace since the seventies, but still has much to learn about magic herself.

Aside from her wizard mentor and his technologically inclined foster son, Ella will encounter mysterious ancient artifacts, rampaging nature spirits, timeline-hopping time travelers, golem butlers, a famous radio host wizard that has more than a few ties to Ella’s mentor, and one fairy cat that may do some magical favors in exchange for cheese.

Sound fun? Well, that’s just in the first book! What are you waiting for, get reading! You can find out more about the characters on the Characters Page, and more about the world on the About page if you’re still not sure yet.