Ella Masterson
Pronouns: She/her
Magical Domain:
Favourite Food:
Seafood Alfredo
– Starry-eyed apprentice
– dreams of being an anime character
– spends too much time thinking about story clichés
– blessed with defiant magic
– bi, not very shy, might cry
– London local
– probably completely in over her head

Pronouns: He/him
Magical Domain:
Favourite food:
Bitter Tea
– Antisocial storm wizard and town Fixer
– been around a very long time
– doesn’t remember most of that time
– has a bit of a checkered past
– speaks in dial-up beeps sometimes
– asexual and panromantic
– probably doesn’t know what either of those words mean
– trying his best to be responsible for Zach and Ella
– probably doesn’t like you

Zachary “Zach” Wednesday
Pronouns: He/him
Magic Domain:
Connection (Tech)
Favourite Food:
Shoyu Ramen
– Technomancer whiz kid
– does Denji’s taxes for him
– bad coping mechanisms
– a bit of a shut-in
– doesn’t have himself totally figured out yet
– can probably fix about any electronic
– literally lives in the internet
– a friggin nerd

Pronouns: She/her, They/them
Magical Domain:
Fairy Magic
Favourite Food:
Brie Cheese
– A cute talking cat…?
– Denji’s familiar
– shares a common goal with him
– likes to taunt Ella
– mischievous and doesn’t give a heck

Solstice “Soul” Wednesday
She/her, He/him, They/them
Magical Domain:
Favourite Food:
Creme Caramel
– Healing magic and knowing better than you
– genderfluid and just as charismatic as a man or a woman
– radio show host/mad scientist
– Zach’s estranged aunt/uncle
– old adventuring buddy of Denji’s
– one eye so no depth perception and no patience for jokes about it
Crim Silvernight
Pronouns: He/him, They/them
Magical Domain:
Favourite Food:
– Your friendly neighbourhood gay bird boy who knows all your deep dark secrets
– spies on Denji for Soul
– goes to the same school as Ella, in the next grade up
– French Canadian with all the poutine snobbery that entails
– knows everything that happens in London
– weird thrill seeker who causes problems on purpose

Pronouns: Any, but mostly He/him
Magical Domain:
Favourite Food:
To make? Fresh bread. People say it smells nice.
– A fiercely loyal living statue butler guy
– old golem salvaged and rebuilt by Soul in their 20s
– seeing-eye golem, spots for Soul’s lack of eyesight on one side
– creepily friendly and cheerful
– has a spell over him to make him look human but his eyes still look super uncanny
– in love with love, reads romance stories in his spare time
– basically a magically driven artificial intelligence

Magical Domain:
Connection (Portals)
Favourite food:
Shoyu Ramen
– Looks like Zach but a smidge older and with white hair
– makes poor choices
– squats in university basements
– wears a long black coat and is cool (according to him)
– pursuing ancient evil power for unknown reasons
– would probably claim he’s straight if asked
– good with birds
– bad with girls
Pronouns: They/them
Magical Domain:
Favourite Food:
Fries with extra salt
– Ary’s nonbinary bird familiar
– tries to be sensible but ends up dragged into the chaos anyways
– thinks this whole pursuing an ancient evil thing isn’t safe
– can sense the ancient evil though so maybe that’s worth noting
– caws majestically
Pronouns: She/her, They/them
Magical Domain:
Favourite Food:
Fried Tofu
– Mysterious girl?
– only speaks that weird beeping language Denji does
– shows up out of nowhere to demand help
– has some ties to London’s Grand Theatre
– Pretty gay

Pronouns: They/them
Magical Domain:
Favourite Food:
– Infamous wizard and aforementioned ancient evil
– once attempted to use mass mind control to take over the Grand Narrative
– eventually defeated by a defiant hero and her legendary hammer
– no one before or since has had the same kind of power as them
– have been trying to resurrect themselves with the Gemini Artifacts since
– actually agender, not that history would remember.