The World of Other London

Other London takes place in a world of magic and adventure, where Earth has been a part of a community of other worlds for about forty years.

Magic is new to Earth, and Earthen people don’t always understand offworld culture, so many misunderstandings can happen as a result.

Luckily, to help lessen problems caused by miscommunication and not understanding magic, there are Fixers!

Fixers are essentially magical tech support. You call them in to help solve magical problems, and they also act sort of as ambassadors of offworld concepts on Earth.

Want to know how Fixers came to be? Well…

The Backstory

In the year 1979, an unknown magical incident caused a hole to be ripped in the sky above planet Earth.

This hole was, in fact, something of a portal, leading to another world known as Ticktoria.

While the people of Earth panicked, the humans of Ticktoria thankfully were quite familiar with making interdimensional contact, and quickly came to explain the situation to the people of planet Earth.

Over a month of tense political discussion later, Earth joined Ticktoria, alongside fellow worlds Starreach, Skyle, and Mythica, as a member of the interdimensional community, and became the fifth world to join an alliance of worlds known as the Grand Narrative,

However, Magic was a common force in the Grand Narrative, something that allowed humans and other sapient beings to bend the laws of physics and natural world to their Will.

Before all of this, Magic had been mere fiction to Earth, but being physically linked to Ticktoria had made it possible to use it on Earth as well.

The laws of magic dictate that magic cannot kill, but that didn’t mean Earthen humans weren’t at risk of any other number of magical problems they had no idea how to solve.

Hauntings, miscast spells, cheap enchanted objects going awry, anomalies that change one’s appearance, vengeful nature spirits in your backyard… The people of Earth had no idea how to deal with any of this.

So, the Blacklight Foundation, a reputable magical research institution and not-for-profit, took it upon themselves to train and employ many mages and wizards from offworld to help Earth fix these looming problems and learn to solve them themselves.

They call themselves Fixers. This is the story of a Fixing Bureau in a small city that nobody expects much from, London.

… London, Ontario, Canada.

Not London, England.

The Other London.

London, Ontario

Caught between expectations left by its namesake and being wedged between many much bigger cities, like Toronto and Detroit, London struggles to find an identity for itself sometimes amidst louder and more extravagant cities.

Located in the southwestern part of Ontario, in the middle of a valley between the Great Lakes that gets all the humidity in the summer and all the bitter cold in the winter, London is about as mediocre as it gets.

But in a world of magic, surely there can be something amazing about London, right?

Maybe the water nymph who protects the Thames River is displeased with pollution?

Maybe there’s a teenage time traveler squatting in the university’s basement?

Maybe the Grand Theatre really is haunted?


What? Something worse than that?

Right. Recently, the remains of an evil wizard’s power from long ago have been scattered across Southern Ontario in the form of small stones called the Gemini artifacts… All Fixers are on high alert, as Gemini’s power has been known to influence those who obtain it to collect more artifacts in an attempt to revive Gemini themself.

Those in the know suspect history is set to repeat, but maybe all that’s needed to stop the revival of this ancient evil is a teenage girl whose magic wholeheartedly defies Gemini’s.

But, nothing can be that simple in the Other London… Between personal stories, sealed powers, legendary heroes, and repeating histories, the Middlesex County Fixing Bureau has its work cut out for it if it wants to save London, the world, and the whole multiverse before the repercussions of Gemini’s revival start even more cases for them.

But they can handle it, right?